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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Douglas County Courthouse, Superior

There was major road construction going on at the intersection of the courthouse in Superior, but I parked across the street and made my way over to see what was inside the Douglas County Courthouse.

Of the Classical Revival style and made of limestone and brick in 1918 according to Wikipedia.

Pavanazza marble graces the interior.

Pretty, right? I found a link to a webpage with all the courthouses in Wisconsin and apparently the Kenosha County Courthouse is famous for its murals. Guess I'll stop in next time I run errands in Kenosha!  Probably won't be today because it's clean and pack the RV day today.  We leave on Saturday morning for Blue Mounds State Park in Minnesota!

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  1. Very nice though I think most courthouses in the US look the same on the outside.