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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pinewoods Campground, Kettle Moraine Southern Unit

I'm two weeks behind in my posting, how did that happen?  Two weeks ago I braved the rainy forecast to camp at Kettle Moraine's Pinewoods Campground.  This was my first visit to the campground which is right behind the Scuppernong Trails that I have hiked a few times.

I camped in Loop 3, in one of the around 10 sites that has direct access to the trails.  Just a few steps and a five mile hike is all yours!

Rain brings out the slugs

Pinewoods is all non-electric and not for big rigs, but does have a nice shower building and everything a tent camper needs.  It's just a short drive back in to the town of Eagle, where more areas of Kettle Moraine can be easily accessed.  Across the street from Paradise Springs is the Gotten Cabin which was built by a German immigrant.  A stormy sky added a little something to the otherwise tranquil scene.

Back in Eagle there isn't much to see, but I did admire St. Theresa's clock tower.

If you go camping at Pinewoods or Long Lake make sure to pack your groceries as there isn't a grocery store close by.

Another thing I love about Kettle Moraine is the access to The Ice Age Trail.  I'm going camping again in a few more days and hitting a new Wisconsin State Park that has access to the trail.   Keep  a lookout for details on my upcoming trip to Hartman Creek State Park and then onward to Pattison State Park way up in the northwest corner of the state.

Tonight I captured a blue damselfly in the garden outside my front door while watering.  Hope I get a lot of opportunities for shots like these on my upcoming trip, even if it means lugging around more equipment!  I'm taking the DSLR and the tripod with me...just in case.


  1. Nice shot of the damselfly. And you got some great light on that old cabin. I need to get out and go camping too!

  2. Nice "tranquil" cabin...
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. Great pics and campground review! Do you remember what site you were in? It looks perfect. Thanks for posting. :-)