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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Overnight in Oconto

Last week Katrina and I drove from Twin Lakes to Marinette up by the Michigan border one day, then from Marinette to Eau Claire by the Minnesota border the next day, and on the third day I drove straight north to the twin ports of Superior and Duluth on Lake Superior.  I am tired of driving, let me tell ya!  1300 miles in five days, not something I'm eager to repeat any time soon.  However, we did see some nice sights in some new Wisconsin towns and our first stop was just south of Marinette in the small town of Oconto on Green Bay.

Isn't that a great clock?  Now that I know what the story is with the big clocks, I appreciate them even more.  Thank goodness not all things get torn down in the name of progress.

When we got there we had two city parks to choose from, one with electric that was suitable for RV's, and one right on the bay that was primitive and completely empty.  There was a beach across the street with a flush toilet and and running water for the morning, so I choose the solitude.  Quite a bargain at $10 a night, in my opinion!

Sunset on Green Bay

 I was up early in the morning and hustled across the street with all my camera gear to catch the sunrise.

I was standing in one spot on the beach for so long that the kildeer got used to me and when I turned around I was startled at how close they were.

There was a little more wildlife around, including frogs galore.  When I walked over for sunset the night before there were so many tiny frogs on the sand that I scattered a handful of them with every step.  They were hiding a little better at sunrise, but I knew they were there and looked hard until I found one who cooperated.

Oconto also has a great restaurant called Wayne's Family Restaurant that serves award winning pies.

Their breakfast was delicious, service prompt and friendly, and prices fair.  Oh, and their cherry pie was so good I almost forgot to chew it!  Door County is just across the bay from Oconto, but you don't need to take that detour for fantastic cherry pie it's not on your itinerary.  Take the Oconto exit if you're driving on Hwy 41 to the U.P. and get some pie, I know I will every time we pass there from now on.


  1. Fantastic sunrise photos - especially the one that's third from the top.

  2. Great sunrises but save me some pie