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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Journeys With Jeanna

 I had some murals I wanted to track down in Sheboygan, so I invited my friend Jeanna from Kenosha to join me for a daytrip today.  After we found a few murals we stopped at The Duke of Devon Pub for some lunch.

That Gorillapod came in handy, not just for the above table shot, but I wrapped it around a sidewalk railing when I took a picture of our first mural so we could be in it too.  But, you'll have to wait two weeks to see that one, murals are for Mondays, and next Monday I'll show the shots from the U.S. Post Office first.  The only shot you get to see today from the Post Office is the one below of the exterior.  I was particularly fond of the entranceway lights, but caught the cool insignia on the Classical Revival building as well.


While driving around downtown I shared a few of my favorite places with Jeanna, including the chimney sweep guy.

And Tom Every's "Isis" right outside the John Michael Kohler Center for the Arts.

The old Carnegie library facade was gorgeous with the ivy turning color.

On this visit I saw some new things both inside and out.  Artist Carl Peterson from Minnesota had some interesting garden sculptures on display made from stone and shells.

I'll do a separate post about the Michael Kohler Center for the Arts, they even let us take some pics somewhere besides the bathrooms...though we couldn't resist having some fun with that as well.

We admired some of the local residential architecture, including this one's intriguing circular patios.

After we got "muraled-out" we stopped at Harrington Beach State Park to soak up a few minutes of nature.

A few minutes strolling on the sand and then in the woods stripped away the stress I didn't even know I was feeling.  I literally felt like weight was falling off my shoulders the minute we stepped onto the woodland path.

I can't believe it, but it's been 10 months since Jeanna and I have gotten together to hang out.  I spend so much time alone at home, work and at play that sometimes I forget to make the effort to reach out to other people instead of just going it alone.

I won't let that much time go by again before I invite her to tag along on one of my daytrips, but there really isn't room for her in my tent cot.  I told her that the minute I get one of these...

Or one of these....

that she can tag along with me just about anywhere!  I also mentioned I'll probably want to take a trip without Wayne come January or February so to keep that in mind as I'll need someone to keep me company on a drive long enough to get somewhere warm.  Nashville maybe?  They have a KOA with cabins to rent.  I'm not into country music but I'm sure there are plenty of other things to see and do, all without ice and snow involved.


  1. Not a fan of country music? Blasphemy! I can see I have some converting work to do!! :-)

  2. Journeys are always better with a buddy. Glad you got to spend time with your friend.

  3. Hey a caravan, I have one of those I tow around. Great little things. Not tried my gorrlapod yet must have a go.

  4. Oh yeah, I can help you with the Nashville trip. Great place, usually relatively calm in winter. What's the status on the Smokies trip? Don't know if your vacation days were flexible or not, but our "peak" period in the Smokies often doesn't come until very late October or early November. Best part of all (please don't tell anybody) is that the tourists all go home and we have the park to ourselves. November through early March are my FAVORITE hiking months!

  5. It's such a treat to share your wanderings with a good friend! I'm jealous. :)

  6. A blog of great things. A pub with stained glass windows and HP sauce on the table and some good sculpture.
    Those houses look great - not your standard housing estate style.
    Those little caravans are probably more in my grasp than your new RV - quite sufficient for one very small scottish person