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Thursday, August 10, 2017

All About the Boat

I've been looking for an excuse to post some old boat photos, and I finally found a connection!  On Father's Day we took the pontoon boat out for a ride on the lake.

Katrina and Cory with their father

Katrina and her boyfriend, Charlie, joined us as did my parents.

Katrina and Charlie

My father's name is Charlie too, which hasn't been as confusing as we first thought it might be.  I didn't get a picture of my parents when we went out on the boat, but here is one that is a little less up to date...I'm guessing 35 years ago perhaps?

Margaret and Charlie

Or how about one that's even older featuring me and my Dad?  Check out that Gilligan look he was sporting!

He's up in his home state of Minnesota right now, out on his fishing boat as a matter of fact like he does every August.

Freshwater, Newfoundland

And those Newfies (like my husband) are no strangers to boats either.  Here's a picture from the mid 1970's with me sitting on my Grandad's boat.  There he is in the background watering something in his straw hat.  Notice all the clothes on the line in the yards, they used to hang them outside even in the winter and my Nan used to take them in off the line frozen.

Now I'm rambling, that's enough for today.  Boat pictures finally posted!!

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