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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Calling Kettle Moraine Home

Wayne has been off work most of the summer due to some issues with his back.  He finally got in for some minor surgery that will hopefully solve the problem.  He has bone spurs in his vertebrae that are impinging on nerves and the procedure basically shaved those down to open up the channel for the nerves that pass through.

His doctor is a partner in practice with the doctor who is the innovator of this minimally invasive procedure.  Ironically the result is similar to the carpal tunnel surgery I had last fall, though in a much more dangerous location where they are cutting bone instead of ligament!

Anyway, after already being home for weeks before the surgery Wayne was stir crazy post surgery.  A short hour down the road is the Ottawa Lake campground in Kettle Moraine State Forest so he decided to convalesce somewhere a little more scenic.

That worked for me, I just called it home too and had a shorter drive to all my work appointments for the most part.  It was also easy to dart home to do laundry and check on things there.

Of course at the state park 2 weeks is all you get before you have to move on.  When I got back from "work" every day we did a lot of nothing except go to the grocery store and walk around the campground with the kittens.

Recovery is going well, mostly light walking and ice and good judgment.  Surgery was outpatient with only a band-aid but there is still healing to be done where we can't see it.  Physical therapy starts in a week and then he gets re-evaluated a few weeks later to determine readiness for work.

We're not calling Kettle Moraine home anymore, but after a few days at home he moved on again to another location that was convenient for my work schedule.  Stay tuned to find out where!

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  1. A lovely State park seems like a much better place to rest and heal. Hope all is well with your hubby and he feels better soon!