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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weekend in Wausau

We found a campground called Lake DuBay Shores near Wausau to call home when I had work that took me to north-central Wisconsin.  It wasn't the outdoor haven that we experienced at Kettle Moraine, those private parks in Wisconsin are little more than parking lots under the pines, but we made do because the state parks are hard to get into on the weekends without a reservation. There was a nice trail that circled the rear of the campground away from all the commotion where we took our kittens for their daily walks.

We stayed just a few nights, took a few drives around the area, and visited the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.

FREE admission was a welcome surprise, though of course we donated some money on our way out.  There is art on display inside, but mostly we enjoyed the outdoor stroll around the cozy little sculpture garden.

The Dance 

The site specific sculpture featuring sandhill cranes was of course our favorite.  It was made from tree saplings, tie-wraps, and plastic bags and what better subject to represent birds in Wisconsin?

Another great find in Wausau was a restaurant called Thrive which I was introduced to by a fellow frame salesperson and couldn't wait to share with Wayne.

Their decor is very hip, my favorite being their logo which features the shape of Wisconsin carved into the bathroom sink!

Wayne wasn't as impressed with their thick french fries as I am, but he did like the chef who greeted us.

Needing to get outside after the rain I directed him to Dells of the Eau Claire Park where we saw our first Indian Pipe of the season coming up.

A short walk in the woods did much to lift our mood, but other folks were more adventurous, including some young folks jumping off the rocks into a deep pool.

As Murtaugh would say, "I'm too old for that sh*#t!".  But it was fun to watch!

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  1. Some very cool sculptures you came across and I do like that chief