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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Min-Aqua Bats Mural

This is how far behind I am with blogging, I'm back to Minocqua where I took the picture below.

When last I passed through for work some forgotten time ago I was fortunate enough to catch the artist at work....

I always get a kick out of seeing the work in progress, and who knows what else I will see when I am in town tomorrow for an appointment?

Wayne is with me and we have the RV and the kittens in tow, but I doubt we'll be taking in any water ski-ing shows.  I'll try to catch things up a bit here on the blog, expect the posts to be short and sweet as is the new normal since I had to start devoting all my time to work instead of play!


  1. Cool mural and nice to watch it being done

  2. I wondered what you had been up to! Glad to see you're still traveling a bit.