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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Georgia on the Side

I'll take a side of Georgia, please? The Big Chicken in Marietta has a moving beak and is 56 feet tall.  It was worth a quick detour to see it for myself, but that was all I had time to do in Marietta on this trip unfortunately.

Atlanta's skyline is very modern, at least what I saw in the neighborhood near the High Museum of Art.  The office skyscrapers here are bold!  But even the smaller ones like Midtown Plaza below make a statement.  The light fixture and art pieces in the lobby were stunning but photography was not allowed.

The side roads had their own charm, including the Oglethorpe County courthouse. In 1887 the courthouse was built in Lexington of local brick, granite, and timber.

This building looks so great because in preparation for the 1993 celebration of Oglethorpe County's bicentennial the courthouse was remodeled and it's exterior was renovated in 2012 as well.

There is even a stained glass transom window above the front doors that features the courthouse and its approximately 1,000 pound clock!

I stopped at the State Botanical Gardens in Athens to see what was blooming.  The bees were too busy in the trees to bother me, and it was amusing to hear the trees "humming" with activity.

They have a lovely greenhouse, and as most botanical gardens do they had a large collection of orchids to practice my photography skills on.  Unfortunately the light was really flat.

The art was actually more intriguing to me than the actual plants that day, I must have been in a creative mood.

When I joined up with Wayne and his buddies at the Durhamtown Off Road Resort I only stayed one night.  Basically a large dusty field next to off road trails, it was too far from any attractions to give me anything to do while they were away on their "machines".  I did not regret for one moment that I left a day early to swing up to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and they had their fun in the sun so everyone was happy.  I'm finding for me the key to a successful trip is a second vehicle!

That's the last photos from our trip, but I've got more from my recent work travels in Wisconsin coming up.  And spring hasn't even begun here yet, though the snow finally melted and hopefully we've seen the last of it!

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