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Monday, April 16, 2018

Meanwhile Back in Wisconsin

We've had a few "nice" days here in Wisconsin since we've returned from Tennessee and Georgia.

turkeys in Lake Geneva graveyard

It's all about perspective, "nice" in April in Wisconsin means the sun came out and maybe it stayed above freezing for a few days.

mural in Waukesha

The wind has kicked back up though, making even those few days it got closer to 50F frigid if you were out in the open.

While in Milwaukee for work I finally stumbled upon the Colectivo Coffee that is located inside an old pump station built of Cream City brick in 1888.

I wish I could say I resisted the temptation to get a goodie, but all that cold weather tricks you into thinking you need calories to put on fat.

175 feet of Victorian Gothic architecture - North Point Tower

Just up the hill from Colectivo I finally passed North Point Tower in Milwaukee on a day that the sky was blue! It was part of the first water works that began pumping in 1874 and it remained in service until 1963.  Like Colectivo it also features some Cream City brick, but on the inside.  The exterior is made from Wauwatosa cut limestone.

Sheboygan harbor

The sun came out to play in Sheboygan one day too, but it was 30 degrees colder the next morning.  Welcome to Wisconsin!

Giraffes on the road! Katrina always gets sent my giraffe photos

There has been lots of snow here still, I drove through the beginnings of a blizzard up near Wausau last week...

...and yesterday another winter storm blew through the state.  I had one group of daffodils valiantly greet the spring only to get clobbered with sleet and then buried by about 6 inches of snow.  That's okay though, because Green Bay and other points in Wisconsin got hit with another blizzard and up to 2 feet of snow so we feel fortunate in comparison.

Dr. Goga's mural plays with color deficiency test design in Wittenberg

I'm supposed to be on my way north to the Upper Peninsula...but as you might imagine with 2 feet of snow piled on top of ice to worry about I just rescheduled and stayed home instead.  I still have to post about Georgia, so warmer pictures yet to come this week.

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  1. I enjoyed following you on your trip. So cute that someone has wooden giraffes in their garden.
    Love your "fun" murals Pam.