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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Annie Get Your Glue Gun?

The recent trip to the upcycling craft fair and getting the house decorated for Christmas got me in a glue gun kind of mood.

I was pondering a giant and very heavy roll of burlap that I bought last year to make bows for the tree, and did a Google search for Christmas and burlap for some ideas.  I found this tutorial that looked simple and used items I already had on hand to complete the above project in half an hour with my handy-dandy glue gun. Even the bow was glue gun friendly and easy to make after I watched this 1 minute video!

I made a few ornament wreaths last year, and had also bought a styrofoam cone to do a tree but ran out of energy before getting around to it.  So the cone and the leftover ornaments became a tree at last yesterday. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to choose from, but I will add my opinion that gluing the balls to the styrofoam cone without using tinsel garland or some other filler leads to ugly white gapping.  For the star on top I stuck a toothpick in the styrofoam, added a drop of hot glue and then some more hot glue in the opening at the bottom of the star and held it in place for a minute while it set to make sure it came out level. Next up...ornament garland?

Spongebob and the Peanuts gang made it out to the yard before the snow fell the other day but we didn't get the lights or the the flood lamps out yet, hopefully the weather will hold and it will get done this weekend!  It takes more than a glue gun to make the yard decorations, if you missed the post last year and want to know how we make them click this link.

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  1. I like your Xmas decoration and the warm atmosphere in your house