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Monday, January 27, 2020

A Little Yellow and Orange

The Avalon Peninsula is more coniferous trees than deciduous but the residential areas are planted with trees that will glow yellow and orange when October rolls around.

View from my front door
White birch, trembling aspen and mountain ash are the most likely to be seen on The Rock, with maple more likely to be making a showing in someone's yard.

lovely reflections along the roadside in Shoal Harbor near Clarenville

St. John's had more color than I would have expected, and Pippy Park was especially lovely.

One morning a section of the forest alongside the roadside between Dunville and Long Harbour looked like it was on fire when the early light hit the trees.

The big color scene is on the western side of Newfoundland but I didn't get out there until the last week of October and by then the leaves were already on the ground.  I drove across the island because I had finished my training to work for a new company as an eyewear sales representative and was making the rounds with my product and business cards! 

That's right, retirement only lasted 6 months for me, but Wayne has no intention of giving up the retired lifestyle.  So I missed the trick or treaters this year, but I'lll make sure to be home for it next year.  Next up will be a few hikes from my trip across the island in October!

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