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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grand Tetons Flashback - Inspiration Point

We weren't in the Tetons very long during our trip in 2009, but we took time to take in one ranger-led hike.  To get to Inspiration Point you can either hike around the lake and meet the ranger at the dock or take the shuttle boat across Jenny Lake.

What I remember around the short ride across the lake is Ranger Ann giving a guy a hard time about his footwear.  He was wearing docksiders with no socks!  Can you imagine?  All dressed up for the one mile climb to Inspiration Point.  I'm sure he was grateful that he wasn't part of our group after that public scolding.

Click on the photo above for a clearer image, Blogger is making me crazy with that issue!  Anyway, Ranger Ann stopped a few times, giving the less fit a chance to rest while she described the geology that formed the Tetons.  The best part of the whole hike was when she opened her backpack full of rocks to pass around.  I thought the fact that she carried a pack full of rocks around with her was the most inspirational thing I've ever seen!

In my opinion Inspriation Point was a bit anticlimactic after the aggressive climb up the path cut through the granite in the 1930's.  We did get to hear the squeaking of the Pikas, but they were too fast to get any pictures of them.  The rock pile there is a favorite spot of theirs.

I wanted to follow our guide into Cascade Canyon after the tour was over, but Wayne's knees were bothering him and we still had the downhill slope to tackle.  There wasn't much to see on the way down because the trail was full of loose rock and very uneven.

Watch out for the golden mantled ground squirrels at the top.  They were sneaking up to people's backpacks looking for treats.  They're cute, but I'd hate to accidently zip one in to my pack!

I'm out of stuff from the Tetons, next time I have a flashback post we'll be moving on to Yellowstone!


  1. We love that area and hiking it too. Your ground squirrel photo came out beautiful.

  2. I'm looking forward to posts on Yellowstone. That's one of those places I want to visit.

    I thought about you today - I was at the RV show in Rosemont.