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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Portal of Evolution

My first morning in Reno I lucked upon a beautiful sculpture called Portal of Evolution by artist Bryan Tedrick.  It was first displayed at Burning Man in 2009 and is designed to turn in the wind, though I doubt it does that often at this sheltered location.  It would spin like a top in Chicago!

The base is meant to represent a cocoon, the entire sculpture of course representing transformation.

I wish the weather would start evolving into something resembling spring around here.

 My car when I left work on Monday

Growing, changing, transforming, evolving...a process we're all involved in throughout our lives.  Some of us fight it, some revel in it.  Most of the time I consciously seek it.  Except when it comes to things like joint pain and wrinkles!  I am perfectly fine with gray hair and wisdom through experiences though.

How about you?  Do you fight change or embrace it?


  1. I'm not sure I revel in it but I certainly won't fight it. When the gray started coming in and just let it. One of my better decisions.

  2. Nice sculpture though that snow looks harsh. least the rain has eased off here at the moment. I embrace change others can't handle it

  3. I love how out of scale that sculpture is!
    I am mostly resistant to change, though I don't really do anything to fight it. Except complain.

  4. I can accept change for as in most cases you really cannot do much about it except control how it affects you. I went to Burning Man for 15 years. It changed and not for the better with now 20 times more people attending than before. So I quit going 5 years or so ago. I do miss the art though.

  5. Good sculpture.
    I'm definately a change embracer - going grey is strangely fascinating and don't even mind being a little greaky about the joints (just hoping it doesn't turn to pain too fast)