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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Charmed at Chimneys

This post is going to be short and sweet, like the Cove Hardwood Trail at Chimneys Picnic Area.  (Not like me, I'm short and somewhat ornery.)

When I pulled in to the loop for Chimneys Picnic Area the other day I was stunned by the display of White Trillium.  They are everywhere!  The 3/4 mile nature trail is a little steep in spots, but definitely easy enough for anyone to tackle and filled to the brim with wildflowers.

lots of cute Rue Anemone

When I first started the trail I thought the pink Trillium I was seeing might be another variety, but further reading informed me that the petals turn pink with age, informing pollinators that pollination has already occurred.  Is that cool or what?

I almost missed the Fringed Phacelia tucked in amongst the Triliums. This bloom also apparently fades to purple as it ages.

I stopped at Chimneys on my way back from Newfound Gap and a quick jaunt on the Appalachian Trail which I'll tell you about next time!

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  1. a great walk; beautiful scenery and wonderful botanicals to observe. Lovely Pam.