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Monday, October 21, 2013

8th Street Bridge Mural, Sheboygan

Forget for a moment that I'm in the Smokies right now and let me take you back to the mural hunt in Sheboygan.  After checking in on the mural on Washington Avenue, Jeanna and I headed over to the one under the 8th Street Bridge.  Not to be confused with the 59th Street Bridge of Simon & Garfunkel fame.

This Sheboygan mural was painted by Kyle Nielsen of Atlanta.  What does it mean?  I have absolutely no idea, but it made for a nice shot of me and Jeanna, dontcha think?  I used that handy Gorillapod and hooked it around the railing.

Speaking of bridges, I recently read this book:

Of course it was the moose-shaped mailbox that caught my eye, but it was also a Kindle Daily Deal so it I got to read it for only $2.99!  I really enjoyed the author's writing style, but it appears she hasn't written anything in a long time and that this is her only novel available in Kindle format.  I like a character driven novel, I want to know them so well they practically step off the page.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I got some helpful tips from Bill yesterday about camera lenses.  If I had been thinking clearly I probably should have rented one of the lenses he suggested, or even two lenses instead of just the zoom.  I was thinking mainly that I'd want a decent zoom if we spied any elk activity when we drive over to Maggie Valley or a black bear in Cades Cove.  The zoom I rented when we went out West got a lot more use shooting bison and elk. 
As for John's comment on the fireplace, it's electric and since we bought a used 2010 model it was what came with the deal.  In our Laredo we yanked the fireplace out because it wasn't putting off any heat and we were working on converting it into cupboard space.  This one actually puts off heat which is great because it's chilly sitting here by the windows in the shade of the mountains!  Last night it was only 44 degrees up on Clingman's Dome, but I was prepared in my wool coat and Smarwool gloves.

My post will show up on Mural Monday, but as I've already mentioned I'm unable to use the link feature while using Wayne's laptop, so if you'd like to see what the others have posted just go to


  1. i just traded all my lenses in for one multi-purpose 18-250mm. Love it so far. No more putting them on and off.

  2. If you go through Maggie Valley consider going to the Wheels Through Time Motorcycle Museum. Yeah, I know, motorcycles? "Why would I even consider?" Well there are close to 300 all very old, in their original condition for their age (like 100 years old) and 95% run. Motorcycles of that time period are works of art and the displays are very well done. Thanks for the explanation on the fireplace.

  3. Glad my advice was of help to you, look forward to seeing what you get. Nice mural I have one taken on a underpass like that I must post