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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let the Madness Begin

The Smokies were reopened on Wednesday and the U.S. Government was reopened on Thursday so nothing was standing in our way to leave on Friday afternoon.  Except the weekend traffic of course.  We had wanted to try to make it past Louisville before stopping, but the Walmart in Seymour, Indiana was home instead.

We woke up to rain today and it stayed with us for awhile.  We eventually outran it though, and had some gorgeous views driving through Kentucky, as usual.

And then in Tennessee.

That is, until we hit Sevierville.

Wayne got a little hopeful when we got to the other side of Pigeon Forge, but we only got a break for about two minutes and then it looked like this all the way to Gatlinburg.

It took an EXTRA hour and ten minutes to arrive at our RV park.  I'm thinking we're heading to the quiet Greenbrier section tomorrow for sure.  But, here we are.

And we're starved to death because it's 4:30 and we only ate once all day, so it's off to Food City. (I'll admit to frying up a black bean quesadilla and gobbling it down while Wayne was setting up.)

I've gotten a heads up from the Brights that they will also be in the area when we are, and if anyone else is passing through feel free to let me know because we are definitely looking for new friends on our travels!  It will be so great to start meeting people who are as interested in getting out there and seeing what the world has to offer as we are.


  1. Glad the trip went well with your new rig!

  2. a busy travel day! traffic didn't look like any fun at all!!

  3. I saw the thing about the US Government shutting down. All looks a bit daft why things should stop just because the politicians can't agree. And after that traffic, I hope you have a few beers cooling by the time you arrived and you found somewhere quieter after that.

  4. There's nothing worse than hitting a traffic jam after a long day of driving. Glad you made it safely and didn't starve to death on the freeway!!