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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Work It...Work It!

I don't know if it's a guy thing or if it's just Wayne and I'm the lucky recipient of his special "sense of humor".  Sometimes I wonder if he ever has a serious thought in his head.  There we were, almost at the summit of the Chimney Tops Trail.  I asked him to take a picture of me admiring the view since I seldom have someone else along to get shots of me.

Almost every time I make this mistake and hand the camera to him, he decides it's an opportunity to become a fashion photographer.  He snaps away like crazy, even shouting out loud , "Work it!  Work it!"

The couple approaching behind us were European and their English wasn't good enough to get the joke.  We got some weird glances.  Who knows what they were thinking.  Luckily I don't embarass easily.

Lots more posts on the Smokies to come this week...keep checking back!


  1. LOL -He's a funny guy. At least he got some good shots. Louie usually takes blurry photos, or my head is almost cut off. :-) That last close up of you is a good one - frame that one.

  2. My hubby is also a smart a$# when it comes to taking photos. I'll hand him my camera and he makes fun of the fact that I take a lot of photos, saying "okay, just one more. Oh - need a different angle. One more!" etc....

  3. At least it's digital and you can take a bunch and hope for the best. Never would really know with film until the "day of reckoning" My Mom was notorious for taking pictures of mostly sky. Just couldn't figure out how to look through a viewfinder, bless her heart.
    But, we'd just laugh.

  4. Husbands taking advantage of having their wife's camera in hand at her expense? Whatever could you be thinking? Why I never...

  5. Was he taking you or the scenery, my wife would probably throw it at me

  6. at least you are smiling naturally in all of these!