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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Got to Visit the Bathroom Again

Can't visit Sheboygan and not stop at the John Michael Kohler Center for the Arts and use their bathroom.

This time I noticed some details I missed the first time, like the solid pink tiles at the top of the wall.

Jeanna really dug the men's room.

Thank goodness there was no one around to see the antics we got up to in there.

We did get a little more serious when we viewed the rest of the gallery.  Most of the exhibits were different from what Katrina and I saw on our visit in June.

Ray Yoshida was featured, his art (no photographs allowed, of course) and his eclectic collection of personal objects that vary from pop-culture items to ritual masks from New Guinea.  Those you were allowed to shoot, and my personal favorite was the Mickey Mouse carousel.

The table made out of thread spools painted gold was interesting, too.

One of the museum staff pointed out the clown puppets that reminded her of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

The items were arranged just as they had been in the artists' home, preserving the relationships he thought the items had to each other, the display a piece of art of its own.

His collection of wooden butler standing ashtrays was rather large, but I preferred the few cats that were also thrown in.

Photography in the gift shop is not frowned upon, and once again I loved the little very expensive birds made from clock parts and other items the most.  Anyone who is in the market for a completely frivolous extravagant gift for me can feel free to purchase one and send it along.  While shopping for me, don't forget to dart across the hall to visit the bathrooms for yourself!


  1. Wow... you really got my attention on that post title. Glad it was a fun time, and not...

  2. Well since you are a bathroom fan, you'll enjoy the one in Lucas Kansas if you are ever there. Looks like a fun gallery.

  3. That has got to be the funnest bathroom ever!

  4. That has just brightened up my moring, The two of you look like you were haveing a great time. Was thet the gents you friend was in?