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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not Scary At All

There are a lot of scarecrows on display out here in the Smokies.

The ones with rakes for heads were my favorites for some reason.  Maybe I don't get out enough because I found this ridiculously amusing.

The braided gal with her purse in the shopping village was appropriate.

The crows were playing golf in the diorama I spied in Pigeon Forge.  Traffic didn't cooperate for me to take a shot, so these crows saying "I do" will have to do.

These two sets of happy couples have me scheming to make a pair to represent me and Wayne for next year.  What should we be doing, though?  Yard work? Pitching a tent? I'll have to look around the house for fresh ideas.  Or perhaps I'll do a photography related scene like this one:

Happy Halloween!


  1. Recon the last one was the scary one ;)) only jokeing , the one before was the best I think apart from you as a scarecrow.

  2. Love all the scarecrows! I think you need a scarecrow of yourself with a camera. :)

  3. Yikes! I wasn't prepared for that last one. A fun post.

  4. You really found a good spot for Halloween - my favorite holiday.