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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

West Prong of the Little Pigeon River


At this time of year a day can make a big difference.  Here is a view of the Pigeon River from the bridge at the Chimney Tops trailhead on Tuesday last week.

And here it is the next day on Wednesday.

Wednesday was chilly and breezy, playing havoc with the fall foliage.  We stopped for a few photos in the river on our way to Cataloochee to see the elk.

I thought I was being careful on my way back, but I stepped on what I thought was some leaves on top of the ground and my foot slid right into cold water.

Wayne got to laugh at my surprise.  Things like this always happen to me.  Even the other foot got a little wet when I tried to catch my balance from the shock of it.  Oh, well.  I wasn't dismayed enough to miss seeing the pretty lichen on the rock as we exited the river.

Back in the truck I came up with a new use for my gorillapod.  It works great as a sock dryer!


  1. There you are more uses for the pod. Does look a little chilly up there

  2. Oh the many uses for a Gorillapod! Nice fall foliage shots.

  3. You need waterproof hiking boots girlfriend!! My sister is leaving for Gatlinburg on Saturday. She can't wait to get there.