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Monday, October 28, 2013

Flora and Fauna, Cherokee Bears Project

Thought I'd share a mural from the road this week.  Like other towns, Cherokee, North Carolina wanted to highlight their local artists and began the Cherokee Bear Project in 2005.  I took some pictures of three of the bears, you'll have to see the others for yourself!  This first one is called "Flora and Fauna" and the artist is Nikki Nations.

Still unable to link to Mural Monday since I'm on the road, find today's murals by going to .


  1. I like that, reminds me of the grommet ones in Bristol

  2. Okay...this is the second blog in a row where the blogger is in Cherokee. I guess we're going to have to make the 60 mile drive up there (we're in Blairsville, GA) Love the bear.

  3. Nice mural! I've seen these done with cows and salmon too.

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