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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Roaring Along

We ditched our plans to hike in Greenbrier this morning when Wayne's back was spasming too much for that to be an option.  I'm all for hiking alone, but I sure don't want to spend the first morning of our long awaited trip apart!

Since traffic was non-existent in Greenbrier we decided to brave downtown Gatlinburg and make our way over to the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail.  The traffic wasn't too bad late morning on a Sunday, definitely better than the afternoon before.  Last time we drove the nature trail was in the spring of 2012, so it was nice to compare how it looked in different seasons.  Check out my archives if you haven't seen my images, we were there in April.  For some reason I'm not able to perform the link function on Blogger when I use Wayne's laptop.

While fall here is nice and I'm hoping it will get better, I already have the next 3 fall color trips mapped out.  The next 2 will just be long weekends in the U.P and Bayfield, Wisconsin because we have 2 really big trips planned for 2014 and 2015 at other times of the year.  But in 2016 it's eastward bound, baby!  I've never seen New England in the fall, have you?

I was taking pictures of the water and looked up to see Wayne taking shots of me.  Sneaky!

I rented a 70-200mm zoom from for the next week, but it's really too much lens for all this close work in the woods.  But dig the clarity!

All my other shots are with the kit lens that came with the camera.  You could hear the difference in the shutter speed whenever I changed the lenses due to working in the shade, but what are ya gonna do?   Good lens was too much zoom in tight area, mediocre lens...mediocre!  Wherever there wasn't shade there was too much light.  No real cure for that, right?  Cursed midday!

Barn and corn crib on Jim Bales Place
Alex Cole cabin on Jim Bales farm along Roaring Fork

Gorillapod shot of the two of us not the best, looks like either it focused on the cabin or we moved or both.  There were a few ladies out and about with dressy saris (?) on today, they were so colorful I think it confused the one swallowtail butterfly who was lazily floating around the clearing.

Wayne had to stand over the butterfly to make some shade for the shot to turn out.  Don't know the story with butterflies but it should have been much more skittish so at the end of its life cycle maybe? 

Wayne thought he was pretty funny when he lifted up his little point and shoot and tried to catch me getting gear out of the bag on his back.  I accused him of being high off all the Vicodin.

I took some shots down at Regan's Mill too, but I'll save those for later.  By the time we leave here I'll have so many photos I'll probably be posting about the Smokies until Thanksgiving!  But here's one more for today's post of me at my new blogging workstation away from home.  A fire, a cup of coffee and a view of the creek out the window.  And the day is only half over!  Love it!


  1. I didn't even know you could rent lenses. Of course I only have the point and shoot anyway. That is a pretty neat picture with the rushing water. Nice selfie! LOL

  2. I assume from the lens you have a Canon (Rebel) so dump th ekit lens and get a Canon 15-85 lens or even a 18-135. I use the former all the time and think it is great. Great waterfall photo

  3. I've not been to the New England states yet. Had planned to be there at this moment but things changed which suggested I put it on hold which in the end was meant to be as Sinbad got sick later on. Sure wouldn't of wanted to be a couple thousand miles from home with my little buddy not feeling well. Okay, I have to ask - what's with the fireplace?

  4. Nope - never been to the NE in the fall. Leaves changing would be nice to see, but if they had one of those unexpected early snow storms…YIKES. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Wow... you have your trips planned up to 2016? I feel for Wayne with the back spasm... I have a lot of trouble with those. Yep, we finally visited New England in the Fall... but we were too early to get the best of the leaf color. But if we waited any later, the rv parks close!
    Now to our change in plans. Unfortunately we will not be able to meet up in Gatlinburg. We revised our plans, and were already there. I will be doing a post soon that will explain. Im still hopeful we can meet up somewhere someday.

  6. This is exactly the road my daughter wants to drive next month when she goes so she was excited to see this post. You got some great pictures. LOVE your camper, especially those nice chairs and your fireplace.