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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seeking Advice

I was told to "get on the computer with my Blogger friends" and see if anyone has any advice regarding TV reception for the RV.

We had the digital converter box hooked up to the TV and at the dealership we got 2 channels and the picture was very clear, but now we're not getting a clear picture and only a couple of channels in our driveway but with the other fifth wheel and the same digital converter we got quite a few channels with a clear signal and picture.  Here's a shot of the antenna.

I'm putting networking to work for me...any ideas???  Times like these I'm wishing I had worked on expanding my audience instead of just waiting for others to find me.  Not that it matters too much at the moment since we'll have cable hookup in Gatlinburg.

I just checked the 10 day forecast for Gatlinburg and it looks like they're expecting it to be in the 60's with no wind just about every day.  Sounds like perfect hiking weather to me!

We'll be staying at Camping in the Smokies RV Park, and when I called yesterday they said they're busy so I'm happy their business isn't suffering.  I had to cancel the reservation for my parents who were supposed to be joining us but I've got Wayne convinced we'll still be going.  I'm pretty sure this budget mess will be fixed before the weekend and if it isn't I'm thinking the governors of Tennessee and North Carolina will get the money together to reopen the park and head off any more decline in tourism dollars and tax revenue.

As for the shutdown itself, I found a really good link at the Washington Post website that explains about the medical device tax issue.  Click on the video toward the bottom, it's short and easy to understand, which is something that is sometimes hard to come by when the topic of anything politically related comes up!  I think it makes sense that a small tax on devices will pay off in the long run due to increased sales by people who now have coverage.  The reality is that the money has to come from somewhere, and all the better if the ones paying taxes see an eventual increase in revenue that will offset the initial drop in their profit.  And sometimes it's okay to spend more money to help others even if there isn't anything to gain personally, but that's just my little ole opinion.


  1. Sorry I cannot be of any help with the TV reception. I've never used the TV in my rig. But I sure do like that fall colors photo. I think the park will be back up and running before the weekend. "I think" are the key words here.

  2. If I understand what you are describing, you may be referring to a converter box that was required for old style televisions that were not digital. The television in your RV should be digital and HD ready, not requiring a converter. You might also check for a button that turns the antenna amplifier on and off. Maybe it is on the wall behind the TV. It looks like you have an amplified antenna and when you are hooked up to electricity you can push that button for amplified signal. Also, there may be a switch that switches the TV from antenna to cable that you need to move over to antenna. Just guessing.

  3. I like your optimism about the parks re-opening. I sure hope they do.

  4. Our RV had a digital ready TV so no box and we just push a button for Antenna and Scan. So sorry... cant really help you there.
    But you are going to Gatlinburg? We are leaving Lexington KY tomorrow and were heading for Nashville first so that we could give more time for the idiots to figure something out and get the parks open.
    So if we stay with that plan, we will get to Pigeon Forge on the 20th. Will you be around?

  5. If you remember the first photo I sent of my caravan ablot the middle of the caravan you can see a a oval shaped thing, that is the TV Arial or antenna. I get around 30 channles on digital TV. I think your best bet is to get a satalite dish and recever. you can get free to vire portable ones here to use on RV's

  6. I am far away of your country but I follow the news and I think you have your heart in the right place and have a clever look at the problems in your country. Things have salved now for the moment I heard. Have a nice holiday!

  7. That Gatlinburg photo is wonderful. Fall foliage in a real boost to morale, isn't it? (So long as you block the thought that when it is over the trees will be bare and the weather will be cold.)

    Thanks for your visit today and for your kind comment. To reciprocate: I would find a sports bar with 100 huge TVs.