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Friday, October 11, 2013

One More and Then I'm Done

All that reminiscing yesterday got me to thinking more specifically about the Glee Project, a reality show where the contestants competed for a chance to get a role on Glee.  As I mentioned, it got to the point that in my opinion trying to get on Glee ended up being better television than Glee itself.  One of the best things was the opportunity to spy some new talent.  Here were my favorites:

1. Cameron Mitchell - Ah, Cameron.  The dorky kid who couldn't dance in the group to save his life and was distressed about kissing someone who wasn't his girlfriend.  He was so beloved that when he left the show voluntarily Ryan Murphy practically begged him back.  The kid has undeniable talent and I just added some of his songs to my iPod.  First video is his original music video "Lost in the Wild", second one is his cover of "Blackbird".

2.  Damian McGinty - Perhaps some of my overseas readers knew Damian before he hopped across the pond.  Only 20 years old he was a featured artist for "Celtic Thunder" before he was on Glee Project and co-won the coveted prize of a role on Glee.  Damian and Cameron became best friends while competing and have a few videos up on YouTube of them performing together, including the first one here, the second one is from a performance on "Sons and Daughters" in January, 2013.

3.  Aylin Bayramoglu - My hands down favorite from season 2, she made it to the finals but didn't win.  The first video is one of her performances on that show, the second one is her cover of Sara Bareilles' "Bluebird".

4. Dani Shay - Dani was Katrina's favorite overall GP contender for season 2, she was majorly in love with Damian on season 1.  Dani was cut loose early and it broke Trina's heart to see her go!

That's it for me today, Wayne and I are hitting the road to Indiana for a last minute shopping trip.  Maybe some of you could guess why we'd drive to Elkhart today?  Hopefully today we'll be setting up near Starved Rock State Park in Illinois if we can find a site on this beautiful fall weekend.  I'll be back with a new post on Monday, no music video links just murals!

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