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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dam Flowers

No, I'm not swearing, just have some pictures of the flowers down by the dam at Blue Mounds.

We stopped there on our bike ride to see what the kids were catching with their fishing rods.  Well, Wayne did.  I immediately went to check out the flowers, of course.

Not just flowers, dragonflies and butterflies too!  Dam flowers, gotta love 'em.


  1. Had to play some catch up here, but I'm enjoying your trip. :)

  2. Took amoment to realise the last photo was a butterfly. The lavender at work here is covered in bumble bees.

  3. Nice photos. Do you know the name of the plants with the flowers in the first photo? There's a lot growing wild in my part of the world.

    1. No, I don't, Andy. I'm actually planning a "what is it" post for the whole area and hope to get some readers to help out!