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Sunday, August 18, 2013

What the Heck is it??

I usually like to do all the research and find out what things are, it's part of the appeal of the whole blogging process for me.  Some things are trickier than others, and this time I'm just going to toss a few things out there for some help from my small list of followers.  Shout out the answer if you know what it is!

#1 - Saw quite a few of these near Sioux Falls.  They were rather large and appear to come out of holes in the ground. Gulp!

#2 - It's a skipper technically, rather than a butterfly. (po-tay-to, po-tah-to, right?) But which one specifically?

#3 - Bonus points if anyone knows the name of the flower.  The bloom itself is similar to milkweed (If you're squinting or far away or vague on flower names) but it's definitely not milkweed. 

Get all three right and win absolutely nothing.  Kind of like the Snapple bottle caps or competing on Whose Line Is It Anyway.


  1. Cicadas come out of the ground, not sure if that is whats in your picture.

  2. Both are lost on me as we don't have them in the UK,the bug looks like a wood wasp

  3. Always interested to see other peoples' wildlife - and in the case of the waspy looking thing that came out of the ground, from this far round the world seems about right.
    That butterfly doesn't seem to want to open up and let us see what technicolour it's hiding inside those wings.

  4. #1 a wasp or hornet, not to be messed round with. I'll stick with #2.

  5. Hmmm... that first insect looks like a hornet. Couldn't tell you what the other two are.