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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lakota Sun

Last solo sculpture I'm showing, this one because I also got a cool reflection shot of it.  It's called "Lakota Sun" by Shawn Morin from Ohio.

The lighting was just bad, the stone was much prettier in person.

Anybody else out there a fan of "the Killing" on AMC? The season 3 finale was awesome! This show gets better every year, and not enough people are watching, so spread the word.  It's one that you can watch season 3 without watching the first two seasons and jump right in.  Mireille Enos is fantastic as the lead, and every season they have great guest stars, this year it was Peter Saarsgard.  Best portrayal of a prisoner I think I've ever seen.  The tone and the content are depressing, yes, but the acting and writing really can't be beat, so if you're into quality give it a look.

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  1. Wonder if I can get it on Hulu or Netflix. I've been looking for something to watch, now that I'll have a stretch of comfort and wifi!