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Thursday, August 29, 2013

How to Salvage a Day of Rain and Laundry

The best thing about a rainy day in the Midwest in August is that it knocks down the ragweed pollen.  When we woke up to rainy skies in Yankton we used it as an opportunity to do a few loads of laundry and check out their old downtown area.  The laundromat was right on 3rd Street which is the main street of the historic district, so while the clothes were washing we hit the sidewalk for a stroll in the drizzle.

Yankton also had a SculptureWalk, though not as nice as the one in Sioux Falls.  I liked this guy on the corner titled "Moving the Stars" by E. Spencer Schubert from Kansas City, Missouri. However, he looked better from afar than up close.  I'm left wondering where a piece like this will end up?  Where does something this ungainly look at home?

While I was checking out the architecture and the sculpture Wayne was checking out the power lines. They went right down the alley and he said he hadn't seen a set-up like this one before.

I showed a few signs and buildings from Yankton in my recent post about signs, and the old Post Office in town was right across the street from the Dakota Theater.  I hope they have a plan to preserve this gem.

The eagle on top of the Post Office was my favorite find in Yankton.  All while waiting for the laundry to be done!  Except for two murals I found in Yankton, this is the end of my recap of our trip to the Minnesota/South Dakota borderland.  We left Yankton two days early and just hung out in Rochester, Minnesota going shopping and looking at RVs.  We've been considering some changes due to the addition of a quad to our collection, but I'm pretty sure we're sticking with what we have and just getting a small trailer.  I wasn't fond of any of the toy haulers we looked at, our home is nicer and the cost of those toy haulers is a bit ridiculous for what you get in my opinion.  Thoughts?


  1. Great post office and love the eagle on top. RV@s or Motorhomes as we call them in the UK, I've seen them towing small cars round the place so a small trailer with a quad (bike) on the back should be no problem.

  2. In all the visits I've made to Yankton over the years, I've never noticed either the post office or the theater buildings. I did notice the red awning on the building in your second photo. That's Larsen carpet, owned by one of my husband's good friends. Small world!

  3. Wonderful shots of the beautiful buildings...

  4. That hydro alley is crazy! And it looks like you could drive right down it.
    I applaud you for opening those doors :)