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Friday, August 16, 2013

Man Code and Hip Chic

I can't believe we've been back home for 5 days.  Especially since I just spent the last 3 days helping Katrina with her move.  We got home on Sunday, I worked on Monday, then I drove up on up to the Marinette/Menominee area on Tuesday.  Wednesday was cleaning, organizing and shopping, Thursday I was back on the road home again.  I'm tired and for a change I don't want to travel anymore!  Katrina is working in Marinette, Wisconsin, but lives just over the bridge in Menominee, Michigan.  That's right, I have my very own Yooper!

But,  I still have vacation stuff to talk about yet, and I was too busy to do any sightseeing the last few days anyway.  (Don't worry, it won't be long before I'm wandering  around the U.P. with a camera.)

I know you're dying to know about the title for the post. While on vacation a few signs caught my attention.  Sometimes signs do, usually old neon, but sometimes newer ones have some flair as well.

The above signs were on the same block as the State Theater in Sioux Falls, I just liked the look of the whole collection.  Here's a closer look at the sign on the theater by itself.

I loved the Palace Theater sign in Luverne, bet it looks awesome at night all lit up.

The theater didn't seem to have a regular blockbuster type movie showing while we were there, but they are showing Despicable Me 2 at the moment, just once a day.  Wasn't that showing at the Fargo Theatre back in June?  Hmmm....

The mosaic tile in front of the doors was neat too, here's a peek, it was kind of a sign as well.

Yankton, South Dakota, had quite a few signs that caught my eye.

The Yankton Rexall Drug store has been in business for 88 years, and has held a liquor license since the end of prohibition.  I'm guessing the sign was probably from the 1950's or 60's by reading the history of the store.  Does that sound right to any of you that would know about this style of sign? Has that atomic age look to it, I thought.

Found a nice link for Yankton's  Dakota Theater, apparently it was remodeled on the inside to its original Art Deco look, but I didn't get a look inside.  I've got to start hanging around long enough to look inside some of these theaters, or return with a plan to get inside when they're open.  I labeled the posts now, so I can easily see which ones I have to return to.  My list of labels is growing, but I've also noticed that this year there is an obscene amount of architecture compared to nature adventures.  We'll definitely take care of that little problem come October when I get to the Smokies!


  1. Love the pictures of the signs. Missed the State Theater in Sioux Falls when we were there. I was thinking of a blog just of flowers because I have taken quite a few closeups of blooming flowers. Same idea, different subject. Great post!

  2. They don't build buildings nor make signs that way anymore. Too bad...
    Box Canyon Mark

  3. Great building and I love the New Palace frontage, I see you can't get anywhere with out an Irish bar.

  4. Loved the post and the signs, but my favorite was the last sentence. You know, the part about the Smokies! Wonder why?? BTW, congrats to Katrina on her job and the move.