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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pipestone, The Town

While visiting Pipestone National Monument we also strolled through the town of Pipestone.  Some great buildings, including the Moore block, in the shadows on the left in the pic above.  The Moore block was built in 1896 by Leon Moore, quarry owner and amateur sculptor.  His work adorns the north and west sides of the building.

On the right in the first picture is the Calumet Hotel.  We stopped inside to get lunch in their restaurant but the air conditioning advertised out front didn't seem to be doing its job so we went back to Lange's Cafe, home to the state's best raisin sour cream pie.  We weren't feeling very brave and took their word for it.

We also took a quick stroll through the Pipestone County Museum located in the Old City Hall.  They had a nice collection of pipestone.

They also had a fun painting in the upper stairwell of the Old Stone Face.  It was my favorite item on display.

Of course there was more, but I won't spoil it and give it all away.  See for yourself when you visit the monument, and let me know if you try the pie.  I will say their other pies weren't anywhere near the quality of those at Wayne's Family Restaurant in Oconto, Wisconsin!


  1. Sure are some beautiful old buildings in Pipestone.

  2. For an amateur sculpture his work looks very good