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Monday, August 5, 2013

Look Who's Hangin' Out Downtown

We're in Minnesota, and we spent our first day staying at Blue Mounds State Park by exploring the area.  One of those things that kind of happens by accident.  We woke up to an unseasonably chilly morning to discover we had left both of the electric heaters back home.  Wasn't thinking about heaters in early August, silly me!  So off we went to check out downtown Luverne and maybe find a heater.

My research had indicated there were a few historic buildings in town, so we swung by to see those first since we were blessed with overcast skies.  I found a few, but I also found this guy hanging out in front of The Palace Theater.

My camera was a mere 2 inches from this guy's head.  I'm grateful, but I have to wonder why he was so complacent.  Anybody know anything about dragonfly behavior?

I know it's Mural Monday but I'm having spotty internet at the moment so the one mural I found in Luverne will just have to wait.  More on what we found, including those buildings I alluded to, in upcoming posts! 


  1. Wow, great shot! Those Minnesota mosquitos get bigger every year! (ha-ha) :)

  2. Odd things but when I tried to get a photo of them they tend to fly off other times they sit still and I can get a photo. Nice photo BTW

  3. Maybe the bricks were still warm so his feet were happy?
    Great shot of him, I must say!