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Sunday, August 11, 2013

For Which It Stands

"For Which It Stands" was a bronze sculpted by James Haire and was the People's Choice winner for the 2006 SculptureWalk.  The sculptures were mostly downtown, but this one was in Falls Park.

Personally, I just adored this little face.  And the ducky was divine!  More on the SculptureWalk in Tuesday's post, I just felt this one deserved to stand alone.

We're on the way home today.  We spent the last two nights in Rochester, MN of all places.  We left Yankton early due to lack of things to do.  We'll get to that later, of course.  Not much to do in Rochester for folks like us either, but the full hook-ups were a nice luxury and we went to the mall for a few hours before hitting Trader Joe's for dinner fixings.  They had buffalo burgers again!! Haven't seen those there in years, maybe it only happens in August?

By the way, when my readers post a comment I sometimes hit "reply" and make another comment.  In theory this is supposed to alert the original poster of my reply.  Is this happening?  Someone please let me know!


  1. Pam, Since I don't comment on every post you write (although I do read every single one of them), I'm not sure of this, but don't recall ever getting an email that you've replied to a comment. If you figure out how to do it, I'd love to know. I've tried on my blog, but can't the emails letting folks know I've "replied" to work. Am loving following along on this trip. We travel so similarly!

  2. If I had known that you were in Rochester, I would have recommended that you tour the Mayo Clinic. The art work is outstanding, and they do give formal tours.

  3. By the way, I have never received notification that you replied to a comment I left.

  4. Next time you are in Rochester try a day trip to New Ulm. Interesting German settlement, home of the second oldest brewery in the nation - Schell Brewery - with tours. Also, a large glockenspiel downtown that plays hourly. Really cool.

    1. Also, one of the nicest state parks we've stayed at with RV sites right on the edge of New Ulm - Flandrau State Park.

  5. Ah yes, your reply to my getting cold feet about going across the country in these uncertain times did come in to my e-mail as does all comments I get on my blog. Uh-oh, I just re-read your request and that's not what you are driving at I don't think. It is if you reply to what I am writing now on your blog, correct? If that is the case and you've succeeded, let me know how to do that so I can set it upon my blog. Thanks. Oh, and I like the statues. I'm noticing them more in my travels now.

  6. Great sculpture, think people only get an alert if they request it by ticking a box but as I don't see a box I won't get a reply.

  7. Yeah, my husband grew up in Yankton. I've visited there many times and I agree there's not much to do in that town. Hope your visit wasn't too bad. I'm in Rapid City for the week, enjoying the Black Hills. Safe travels!