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Friday, August 9, 2013

Prairie Coneflowers Galore

Here at Blue mounds State Park in Minnesota Prairie Coneflowers are starting to wind down for the season.  We took a bike ride down to the historic Sioux Quartzite quarry area and enjoyed the show.  The coneflowers were amazing...there really wasn't anything to see at the quarry.

In general there isn't a lot of wildlife at this park, but we did startle a doe taking a nap in this beautiful field, and the park does have its own resident bison herd.  The herd is fenced in and I've yet to see them closer than half a mile away, but it's like the zoo anyway when they're fenced in.  I like seeing them roam (mostly) free at Yellowstone and in the Custer area.

This park  is good for 2 or 3 nights, but after that there isn't much to do either in the park or in the area.  Oh, and the showers are new but COLD.  Seriously, I cut myself shaving my legs because of all the goosebumps.  Also the water is so hard I couldn't get a lather when washing my hair and after 3 days of that my skin was itchy all over.  Worth a stop, but only for a few days and fill up your tanks enough to use your own shower, preferably with water you got somewhere else!

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  1. Love the conflowers! We're leaving tomorrow for SD - but are going to Rapid City, the opposite end of the state from where you're at. :)