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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Mitchell Building and the Mackie Building, Milwaukee

 I still have a few posts left about Milwaukee architecture from earlier this summer.  Lots that I haven't seen still, and a few I want to revisit.  But today I'll tell you about two that I have a soft spot for: The Mitchell Building, and its decaying neighbor, The Mackie Building.

The Mitchell Building was erected in 1876 for Banker Alexander Mitchell.  It was home to the Marine National Bank from 1876-1930. Those cornices! Those dormers! Ooh-la-la! Can you blame me for falling in love?

That's just the side.  Seriously.  Dig the FRONT!

The Mitchell building is called Second Empire Style architecture and Even though the building looked dark I tried the door...and it was unlocked!  Check out the digs inside:

The Mackie Building?  Also commissioned by Mitchell, and it was also unlocked!  But first bask in her fading beauty.

The inside is better cared for.  The barber shop on the first floor was closed, but I thought it made a neat photo anyway.

Behind those doors?  The Grain Exchange Room.  In the late 1800's  Milwaukee was the largest wheat exchange in the world. It was closed in the 1930's and divided into offices, but in 1979 Conrad Schmitt Studios restored the room back to its former glory on behalf of the current owner.  Currently Bartolotta Catering uses the room for weddings and other events.  I'll have to find out if there is any way to view it without being a guest.

And what do we see reflected in the front window of The Mackie?  The Loyalty Building, but we'll save that for another day.


  1. Cool buildings, and I love the details you've captured in each one.

  2. Those are impressive buildings. I really need to take an interest in exploring some of the old buildings I find in my travels instead of just taking pictures of the world's largest, smallest, deepest, highest and who died here. Incidentally, I stopped at the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee. Nice place but didn't do the tour since I don't drink that stuff either. Just ate lunch in the parking lot. Now you may really enjoy going there.


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