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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Phillips Avenue SculptureWalk

Time to talk about Sioux Falls' Sculpture Walk.  Long story short, best one I've ever seen.  The town has done a nice job of keeping ones from previous years as permanent sculptures, like the one I posted about 2 days ago at Falls Park.  Sit back and enjoy!

"Sentinel" by Carl Sean McMahon, BC

"Gorgeous Gertie Grouper" by Sherrill Stone, only $9,500

"From the Waters" by Ray Kobald, IL

 When we walked passed this one again  later some lady was trying to sit on the sofa.  It's art, people, not a park bench!

Sculpture and a clock -  SCORE!

"Butterfly" by Jacque Frazee, SD

 All of the above sculptures, and many more, were within easy walking distance of the Phillips Avenue Diner so we had lunch there.

We walked around for 20 minutes and then went inside to continue our wait for a table.  Three tables were empty for 10 minutes before we finally asked the hostess why we weren't seated when there were empty tables.  Food was good though, and that 's high praise from me because I'm seldom satisfied with the food.  After lunch we walked a little further up Phillips Avenue to see some more sculptures.

Reading the diner menu while waiting

"Brimstone" by Martin Eichinger, OR

"Threading the Needle" by Joellen Domenico, CO

Best way to enjoy a city, in my opinion.  Yankton had one also, but none of the sculptures were half as good as the ones in Sioux Falls.  I wonder why?  Higher entry fee? Better artists wanting more exposure in a bigger town?  Who buys these?  Well, the local library bought the one with the book theme one year!


  1. Can't see our libuary buying a sculpture bad enough with books. Appart from the sofa and chairs on the sidewalk all the sculptures were brilliant, for some reason I liked from the Waters most.

  2. I like the last one the best... and appropriate for a library for sure.

  3. It might be a sculpture but the sofa does look rather inviting. Great looking sculpture walk.